Where you can go for Bachelor Party with Friends?

For the ultimate Secretsmontreal.ca classic bachelor party experience, there are three cities that must be on your list of possible destinations.


Montreal is commonly known as a prime destination for bachelor parties, and particularly those seeking a little lascivious behavior.  The town is famous for nightlife featuring buxom ladies in skimpy outfits who just might perform a lap dance that you will not soon forget.  


For the most authentic bachelor party experience, you can’t go wrong with Las Vegas. After all, it is the most popular setting for bachelor party movies and that’s not without merit!  But if you have ever been to Sin City you know why this is the premier destination in the United States for bachelors, some of whom travel to this desert mecca of ill-behavior from all over the world.  The entire city is designed to be at your beck and call, regardless of what it is you need. Of course, some of your desires may require you to travel a little outside the city, but anything and everything you could ever want is pretty much readily at hand.

From show girls to strip clubs, this town is built for bachelors (and bachelor’s parties).  Take in a show—and as many free stiff drinks as you can handle (as long as you are gambling)—and feast on a buffet but don’t let the city that never sleeps keep you up all night.  Unless that’s the plan, of course.


For international bachelor party perfection there may be no better ultimate destination than that of Amsterdam.  Its reputation should proceed itself but this infamous city is compacted with anything and everything you could ever want in a bachelor party experience.  Sure, you could visit some of the world’s finest museums in the day and take in some dazzling street performers on your trek across the square but the real reason Westerner’s pursue this city is the debauchery.  For one, there are few restrictions on certain controlled substances that, at least until recently, were not lawful to buy or possess in the United States.  

Most importantly—that is to say, of course, if this is an important component to your bachelor party—Amsterdam has the most renowned red light district in the modern world.  This the part of town where scantily clad ladies dance in storefront window displays attempting to tantalize passers-by into paying for their company for an evening.

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