Things about Using Dating Sites for Extramarital Affairs

In more than one-third of all marriages, one or both spouses admitted to having an extramarital affair. The numbers are staggering and the advent of online dating sites provides yet another avenue for men and women to find sexual partners outside their marriage. In most cases, the affair is with a co-worker, friend, or even a brother or sister of the spouse.

In recent years, online dating sites have become one area where extramarital affairs are occurring with more frequency. While in recent surveys, only 10% of those who have admitted to having an extramarital affair did so using an online dating site. It does appear that the numbers are growing. The reasons why are straightforward.

Websites Dedicated to Cheating

There are online dating sites today. Such as Tinder for Married, those are dedicated to extramarital affairs. Morals and ethics aside, there is good money to be made from those who cheat on their spouses. And such online dating sites are designed to cash in on the growing trend. Some of these dating sites dedicated to cheating offer advantages for those who want to keep their activities private.

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Until recently, online affair dating sites were not considered mainstream. Even though millions of people have used them for nearly two decades. However, they have now become one of the primary ways that people meet for romantic relationships. So, it’s a natural conclusion that they are used now for extramarital affairs.


The dating sites provide private communication all from your computer or mobile device. Meaning that you can search for a potential partner, communicate with them, and set up a time to meet whenever it is convenient. Because online dating sites are private, it makes it easier to hide your activities.


To put it another way. It is far less likely for the cheater to get caught if they use an online dating site. One big issue with friends, co-workers, and especially family members is that the likelihood of getting caught is good since they are part of the circle of people that the spouse may know or meet. By using an online site, the chances of getting caught are significantly reduced.  Apart from the spouse finding clues on the cheater or a random encounter.


Online dating sites have doubled-down on security after a recent series of breeches by hackers have revealed private information. This new emphasis on security makes it difficult for the privacy of individuals who are cheating to be revealed and thus, known to their spouses. This also means that those in the circle of people that the cheater knows will also be unaware of their extramarital affair.

In the end, online dating sites have become more prominently used by married men and women for extramarital affairs. Because it has become part of the popular culture. With so many people using dating sites today, it has become almost second nature for those who cheat on their spouses to use the resources of such dating sites.

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