The 3 most popular escorts men ask for

Seeing an escort in one way is a chance to live out a fantasy. There are some men who choose their date with familiarity in mind, or who have a tried and tested type of woman they usually go for and others who take advantage of the fact they can choose. It is about whatever floats your boat at the end of the day but time and time again we notice certain physical features are irresistible to men.

Starting with a blonde bombshell because like Rod Stewart said…


That is right, they have the most fun. Not strictly true but there is something universal about the women who share this golden hair colour – they are bubbly, carefree and often exude a girl-next-door vibe which is very enticing to a lot of clients. Think Cameron Diaz – tall and athletic with striking blue eyes to match. Holly Willoughby – cheeky but demure and the Claudia Schiffer of this world who just oozes sex appeal. Of course, they are all beautiful ladies but what is more striking than a golden head of hair? Think of it like this, how many women can you count in your head who have gone blonde to lift their mood, command more attention or because they feel stuck in some kind of rut? Blonde is an instant and dramatic game changer which says, ‘This girl is ready for the wilder side of life’. All your blonde escort needs are her red lipstick and a spritz of perfume and she’s ready.


Breasts, rounded hips and a shapely butt sends men wild on a primitive level. It is a universal reaction which the theory of evolution plus science combined can easily explain but how we know this to be true, is from the number of requests we get from clients asking for an escort with a great pair. Busty still comes in all shapes and sizes but seems to be one feature that cannot be beaten. The likes of Kelly Brook, whose natural 34E chest has men fall at her feet and Lucy Pinder who, natural again, has featured in probably every British men’s magazine during her modelling career are the reasons why ‘big boobs’ come up trumps. Another reason our clients opt for busty women is they tend to be confident and sexy. A plunging neckline is worn with pride and lingerie looks amazing on a woman whose breasts fill the cups. Aesthetically and sexually, big breasts are a lot of men’s fantasy for obvious reasons.


Imagine a woman striding towards you through a hotel foyer. The wind is blowing her tousled dark hair off her bare shoulders and from a distance, all you can make out are smouldering eyes and a smile emerging from the corners of her lips. Then she arrives and opens her mouth to speak and out comes a sound so melodic you have to pause before responding. Were you lost in the moment there? This is what our foreign escorts do to men. We reckon it is the pleasant surprise of an unfamiliar accent and the conversation it opens up knowing in front of you there is a woman whose life experiences are likely to be different to yours. Although our world is so multicultural now, meeting someone foreign still fascinates and excites most people. For our clients, suddenly they are confronted with someone who is compelling, has a beautiful command of a different language and whose idea of intimacy and sexuality might be a welcomed addition to their date. It is not called a French kiss for no reason, hmmm.


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