Overcoming the Difficulties of Talking to Women

We’ve all heard someone say when discussing relationships – ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’. Now, while that may be true, many men still struggle to obtain that special person in their life, simply because they don’t have the necessary communication skills, confidence and self-esteem. You see, your potential future wife could be stood right in front of you, but if you’re stricken with social anxiety, the words just won’t come out and you’ll never know what could have been.

The only way to improve those communication skills, and gain more confidence is to take baby steps. So, you may begin with some basic conversation with the woman behind the bar when you’re getting a drink. Then, you may say hello to a random woman in the queue at your local coffee shop. Eventually, you’ll have the confidence to approach a woman that really catches your eye.

However, when something is meaningful, those nerves tend to return, and you may retreat back into your old shell. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the best things to do when talking to the woman of your dreams, so you can avoid things going pear-shaped…

Don’t ask close-ended questions

If you use close-ended questions that result in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you’ll only set yourself up for failure. Everyone knows that the main thing that prevents connections being formed is awkward – or lack of – communication. But, questions are an easy way to keep the conversation going and show that you’re actually interested in the woman, but only open-ended questions.

Questions that are engaging, and entice the woman to give her opinion on something, or share her feelings on a certain topic work wonders. Just remember who, what, where, when and why, and you should have a nicely flowing conversation.

Trust in your personality

They key to finding a special lady in your life is to be yourself at all times. Everyone man has brilliant aspects to their personality that some woman out there will love. So, trust in that. If you opt to pretend you’re something you’re not, then you’re not thinking long-term. But, if you be yourself and the woman likes it, then you know they could potentially like you for life.

Take the conversation slowly

Please remember to take the conversation slowly, and don’t rush into anything. The last thing you want is to approach a woman, start the conversation, get it flowing and then you scare her off with something you say. So, keep the conversation generic, acknowledge that you’re still strangers, and just concentrate on getting to know her on a basic level. Try to avoid any talk of marriage, children or relationships during your first talk.


This one often goes under the radar, but be confident, be positive and show off your smile. Women will most likely not take an interest in you if you give off a miserable vibe, so be enthusiastic, energetic, positive and try to smile and laugh a lot together. But, remember not to smile continuously, as that could get creepy.


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