Have a “Lengthy, Healthy, Happy Existence”

(Excerpts in the e-Book ” Have a “Lengthy, Healthy, Happy Existence” )

“Individuals who neglect to take time to eat well may ultimately need to take time to be sick.” ~ Dr. James Chappell

Would you like to have a lengthy, healthy, happy existence or must i say, you need to function as the “exception towards the rule.”

You need to know from the beginning the “odds” are stacked against you, but by accepting and tackling the task it will be very useful and rewarding, as well as adding years of happiness on your lifespan.

Speaking of “lifespan”, allows pause as it were and consider that.

Its answer to differentiate between living a “lengthy existence” (lifespan) and living a “lengthy HEALTHY existence” (healthspan), which in turn can result in the perfect situation where one can have a “Lengthy, HEALTHY, HAPPY Existence”.

I understand of numerous people, youthful and old who just exist every day with pains and aches, disease and suffering with many bedridden for several years before they die prematurely from among the modern lifestyle illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular disease. It’s possible to hardly call that “living” or getting were built with a great existence.

Many people anticipate retiring following a lengthy duration of working and getting up a household, having a vision of having the ability to unwind, travel and revel in a lengthy, happy, healthy existence with one’s family. The truth, regrettably is extremely different for most of us.

This dream regrettably, almost always includes a perverse ending within this era. Virtually everyone living a contemporary lifestyle is going to be identified having a fatal chronic disease within our lifetime. The majority of us will wind up getting lengthy term costly medications, causing misery, discomfort and suffering and finally dying without dignity. The vast majority people is going to be identified with cancer and will also be treated by traditional medicine, producing a slow painful dying after going through costly poisonous chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Individuals people lucky enough to get escape cancer will most most likely succumb to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s as well as other chronic degenerative lifestyle disease.


However you will find people, who within their early years, weren’t uncovered to the present our modern lifestyles, toxic pollution, fast meals, processed meals and prescription drugs, who’ve demonstrated that you could “LIVE” a lengthy, happy and healthy existence.

The Gerontology Research site (http://world wide web.grg.org) possess a validated worldwide listing of living “Supercentenarians”. ( those who are 110 years of age or older). You will find presently 69 ladies and 8 men about this list with 25 in america, 24 in Japan, 26 using their company nations and just 2 residing in the United kingdom.

So out of this you can aquire a true knowledge of “durability”, however the billion dollar real question is so why do these folks live such a long time ?

Its about “the way we live” and “the food we eatInch which all boils lower to “LIFESTYLE”.

Seize Control of the Lifestyle as well as your Healthcare

The important thing challenge would be to do for your and yourself family. The beginning point would be to seize control of the lifestyle as well as your healthcare by becoming aware and informed after which to accept appropriate actions.

Its difficult to simply accept, but really NOBODY out there’s thinking about both you and your families healthcare or if you reside a “lengthy, happy and healthy existence” or otherwise.

Ought to be fact you’ll be very surprised to understand that there’s an entire industry that are looking quite contrary.

I hear you say “What about my GP, Gynie, Paede, Oncologist, Cardiologist, etc?, surely they’re interested ?”

They must be, but don’t forget all these people earn a living in the “Disease Business” astutely handled and controlled through the Pharmaceutical Industry.

This short article, with a lot more information online

as well as in the e-Book, sets to enlighten and let you know by what you need to do and just what you need to avoid, to flee the “Disease Business” and revel in a “lengthy, happy and healthy existence”. We should also expose exactly what the true obstacles are that you’ll encounter about this amazing, rewarding “lifestyle” journey, which will allow you to help make the necessary choices and actions to prevent them.

Our Modern Lifestyles

Its an indisputable proven fact that within this modern era of toxic water and air pollution, fast fried fatty meals, processed meals, cancer causing groceries, sugar filled meals and drinks, pesticide poisoned soil, fruit and veggies, alcohol, smoking, loss of focus, prescription and leisure drugs simply to name the primary causes nine from every ten grown ups will die prematurely from the serious chronic lifestyle degenerative disease. Very couple of of those illnesses were common just 100 years ago and therefore are unquestionably brought on by today’s lifestyles.

The range of aches, pains, disease and suffering are as plentiful so that as diverse as mankind. Sickness and disease abound and as everyone knows many of these illnesses cause us and our families misery, discomfort, financial struggles and suffering and in some cases “dying”, but sadly many of these deaths might have been avoided.

The Germ Theory

Medicine is dependant on Louis Pasteur’ s (1822-1895) “Germ Theory” where every disease is because a particular exterior germ and it is seen to become different. The answer being, specific drugs to deal with and mask all these signs and symptoms, which you will find presently 100s. It was the fatal birth from the “Disease Business” and also the best and guarded industry on the planet today – the pharmaceutical industry. Although Pasteur was recognized at that time because the father of bacteriology and microbiology according to his “Germ Theory of drugsInch, he wasn’t a clinical man and it was in direct conflict along with other research doctors during the day.

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