Could sex toys enhance the spice of your relationship in any way?

The utilization of sex toys has been gaining momentum since the last few years and celebrities are even adopting this trend just like Barbra Walters did. She had spoken about her virtues of using a vibrator on national television! Reports suggest that around 55% women above the age of 35 own a vibrator and this clearly implies that if you don’t own one, your co-worker, neighbor and best friendly will surely do.

Sex toys can give you a feeling more than pleasure. Using vibrators while masturbating can help you feel good at that moment but they can even support your health and make you feel best about your body. You will get more orgasms and hence there will be more health benefits of the same. You can also relieve your body from anxiety and stress. Let’s check out how sex toys can improve the spice of your relationship.


You can enjoy better sex

Is there any couple which doesn’t crave for more sex that is even more enjoyable? Everyone could take steps to enhance and improve their sex life and this is not a mistake; rather it is a very good thing. Using sex toys allows couples to spice up the moment of foreplay and different exciting experiences before the climax. The more playful your sexual attitude is, the more satisfying your sexual relationship will be.

More orgasms will lead to more satisfaction

Did you know that more than 75% of women never reach the state of orgasm through sexual intercourse and around 50% have faked orgasm at least once? As per sexual experts, it is true that when you use sex toys, it increases the possibilities of reaching an orgasm and the likelihood is increased dramatically. Majority of the women require stimulation of the clitoris to reach orgasm and this is why sex toys are used to assist you in reaching climax.

Less pressure on the men to perform well on bed

While there are some men who feel inadequate and replaced when their partners use sex toys on bed, there are some others who feel that there is no such pressure on them to perform well and this feeling enhances the relationship. Don’t ever make the mistake of forcing your partner to use a sex toy for bringing up the sexual emotion. You may start a non-sexual conversation before you get naked.

You get more intimate sooner

There are many women who aren’t satisfied with their bodies or the way their bodies look. This may sometimes lead to issues related to intimacy. Hence when you use sex toys during masturbation or sex, this eliminates the feeling of anxiety of getting naked and thereby creates intimacy. However, if your partner doesn’t love the feeling of using such a toy, make him or her feel that there’s enough power in the feeling of rejection.

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